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Please take a look at our strategic partners below and support their initiatives. If you would like to partner with, please contact Daryl Snyder at [email protected] or within the USA text or call 858-926-6837.

Blockchain Superconference - July 13-15, 2018 Waterloo, ON Canada

The most important Blockchain event in Canada.

Blockchain, ICO’s, crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and are transforming the world and offer the greatest opportunity available in the world today.  The average return on the top 30 ICO’s in 2017 was over 30,000%. Come learn how blockchain will change the world and your life. 

Explore the inner-workings of leading creative companies, and meet fellow attendees in an intimate, interactive setting. Best Speakers, Master Classes from Creative Experts, killer closing party.

Participate in the in the blockchain challenge or invest in the most promising ICO’s and organizations vying for millions in funding.

Meet the Leaders of Blockchain Technology from Research and Development, Education, Business, Law and Government. The conference provides you with endless opportunities to network with fellow attendees and get exposed to new ideas.

Receive 10% off as a guest of Cryptosumer! Enter code 'CRYPTOSUMER' when choosing your tickets.

Receive 10% off as a guest of Cryptosumer! Enter code 'CRYPTOSUMER' when choosing your tickets.

FutureTech EXPO - September 14-16, 2018 Dallas, TX

We’re On The Cusp Of Another Economic Revolution.
The blockchain revolution has taken an interesting turn.

While governments around the world have been cracking down on cryptocurrency, some of the smartest brains in the industry have been quietly taking blockchain tech into other sectors of the economy – and combining it with other emerging technologies in a way that, barely more than a few months ago, would have seemed unthinkable.

We’re talking trillions of dollars of wealth – to be won or lost. Because disruption on this scale is a double-edged sword.

If you’re on the right side of it, you can get rich from the chaos. That’s how the Rothschilds, the Waltons, the Kochs, the Bettencourts, even the House of Saud made their fortunes. When disruption happened – as it does every few generations – they placed their bets on the right side of history.

Those who were in denial – the “conservatives” who listened to the consensus of the experts of their day – they clung onto the past and, as a result, their wealth was transferred to the new guard.

As blockchain technology enters the mainstream, the biggest threats and opportunities will be where it meets and converges with other emerging technologies.

That's why we're putting on the FutureTech Expo in Dallas, Texas (September 14, 15 and 16, 2018)

With over 2,000 expected attendees, 70 top-notch speakers and 100+ exhibitors from the Blockchain & Bitcoin, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security / Hacking, Quantum Computing, 3D Printing, and Virtual / Augmented Reality worlds, and talks from ICOs and blockchain startups and more, this Expo is going to be a diverse, wonderful, and potentially profitable experience for all who attend.

Cryptosumer Technologies

Cryptosumer Technologies is a large-scale cryptocurrency hashing/mining hardware and server colocation service provider for large contracts. With our exclusive purchasing rights to the most powerful and efficient GPU mining cards, purchasing power to direct-from-manufacturer ASIC mining rigs, high-volume mining server assembly and installation, access to proprietary mining software technology that mines multiple alt coins with highly efficient returns, and multiple secure data centers around North America spanning tens of thousands of square feet, plenty of megawatts of electricity, our customers can rest assured that their hardware investment in our mining equipment will produce optimal gains and superior uptimes.

Cryptosumer Mining

Lamborghini Newport Beach & McLaren Newport Beach

Lamborghini Newport Beach & McLaren Newport Beach is one of the first exotic car retailers in the world to accept Bitcoin. In partnership with, Lamborghini Newport Beach and McLaren Newport Beach look forward to helping the community become aware of the possibilities of cryptocurrency and its continued growth of acceptance worldwide.

Tesloop - Transportation Freedom

Tesloop is the first service offering city-to-city shared-car transportation in Teslas. It combines both the low cost of electric technology with a focus on an inspiring experience. Discover the benefits of Tesloop's convenient pickup and drop-off locations while you avoid airport hassles and the challenges of driving yourself. Enter coupon code CRYPTOLOOP for 25% off your next ride!