Tothemoon And Forthewin Launch New Fused Cryptonaut Collaboration

TOTHEMOON and Forthewin community have joined forces to create new Fused Cryptonaut tokens to be used in Enviornment battles. The Fusion course of is now reside and will be accessed via a brand new interface throughout the TOTHEMOON Market.

Homeowners of each a Cryptonaut and a Rune NFT will have the ability to fuse them collectively to create the brand new NFTs, which will probably be used to battle in Tournaments and Arenas. Fused Cryptonauts tackle the Section attribute of the Rune, and obtain a Battle Place attribute that’s calculated utilizing the Complete Cryptonaut Factors and Rune Luck quantities.

Fused Cryptonauts will have the ability to take part in battles, incomes Expertise and Rank along with rewards. TOTHEMOON notes that extra details about the battle codecs, formulation, and rewards will probably be launched together with the primary Tournaments/Arenas in roughly two weeks.

(Supply: TTM Market)

Fusion is a reversible course of—customers will pay 1 GAS plus blockchain charges to fuse or unfuse at any time. Unfusing will return the unique Cryptonaut and Rune to the proprietor’s pockets. Nonetheless, any Rank and Expertise gained will probably be misplaced together with the Fused Cryptonaut.

Though tools colour and kind are chosen primarily based on the Fused Cryptonaut attributes, the background colour is chosen randomly. This implies gamers can unfuse and refuse in an effort to roll for a unique colour.

The total announcement will be learn on the hyperlink under:

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