Most blockchain companies using Token Generation Events (TGE) as a mechanism of funding are designed to solve problems within very specific niches, such as supply chain issues, or IoT payments. Optherium Labs plans to take their business model and TGE to the next level by creating an entire ecosystem for digital payments. Using a private blockchain built on Linux Hyperledger Fabric, the company hopes to solve current fintech problems by enabling companies and individuals to securely store and trade digital assets, with the added bonus of providing liquidity with real-time conversion to fiat currencies.

The Optherium Ecosystem

Optherium™ is developing four products: its ecosystem, VivusPay™, a B2B platform, and BitCrox DEX. The Optherium ecosystem is designed to provide fast, secure transactions with instant confirmations. VivusPay™ is an eWallet and companion mobile app that enables B2C users to securely manage their digital assets across a wide range of cryptocurrencies, secured with the company’s biometric authentication service and other technology. The Optherium B2B Platform targets financial institutions that want to integrate Optherium’s suite of products and services into their own systems. BitCrox is advertised as a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that provides liquidity and instant conversions at over 100,000 transactions per second.

One of the most notable aspects of Optherium is its combination of biometric authentication with blockchain technology. A recent article in Seeking Alpha outlined several obstacles holding biometric adoption back. These include the heavy data and analytical tools required to make it function, relying on a single indicator such as fingerprints or voice for authentication but not both, and scalability. The article goes on to suggest that Optherium can solve these problems. Using their MultiSecure Technology™, Optherium will be able to provide security by utilizing several biometrics such as facial recognition, voice authentication, fingerprints and other verification methods. In addition to providing added security, this solution may eliminate the need to retain private keys that often get misplaced and result in a complete loss of digital assets with no way to retrieve them. With Optherium, your biometrics become your private keys.

The Team Behind Optherium Labs

Optherium has a robust team listed on their website, with 24 staff members listed, and 7 members of the Advisory Board. The leadership team includes serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Serge Beck as the CEO. Beck has a background in IT, and was a seed investor in HYPR Corp., a provider of decentralized, password-less authentication for millions of users at Fortune 500 companies. The marketing team is led by Ari Zoldan as the CMO. Also serving as CEO of Quantum Media Group in New York City, Zoldan is a popular TV personality with regular appearances on Fox, CNN and CNBC, covering technology, media and business trends. Rajvelu Dharmaraj is the COO and brings with him 20 years of experience in project management and software development. The CTO is Roman Kaganov, an expert blockchain developer, with a background in web application and Java software development.

The seven-member advisory board includes prominent figures in the digital currency and blockchain industry, including: Sreekanth Mangulam, Jeff Ramson, Vadim Ivanenko, Shaun Dindial, Stephen Drew, Jeannette Spaulding and Max Smetannikov.

Licenses & Intellectual Property

While most new blockchain companies minimize the amount of paperwork that gets filed around the world, Optherium appears to be doing everything by the book, by first developing the ecosystem infrastructure and modular products and maximizing its exposure in markets around the world. To protect its brand, Optherium Labs holds registered trademarks on Optherium™, VivusPay, Multi-Decentralized Private Blockchain Network, MultiSecure Technology, BitCrox, and the token name, OPEX. The company has several patents pending and has filed with the SEC under Regulation D and S.


Optherium has been busy developing inroads in the blockchain community. As the Optherium blockchain was developed using Hyperledger Fabric in a proprietary form, they are active members of the Hyperledger community and the Linux Foundation. They are also part of the Crypto Valley Association, a Swiss group looking to drive sustainable impact, with regional educational bodies and multiple events and conferences throughout the year.


Optherium Labs is taking on a significant challenge with its introductory TGE. They’re ambitious about creating not just another coin, but an entire fintech-oriented private blockchain ecosystem that includes big plans like a decentralized exchange, cross-border payments, and instant fiat conversions. They also have a robust team that includes several thought leaders in blockchain, finance and marketing. You’ll need to make your own investment decisions, as we are not financial advisors, but Optherium is definitely worth investigating. At present, they are conducting a private sale and in discussions with institutional investors around the world, but you may sign up to be whitelisted for a potential public sale in the near future.