The Crypto Invest Summit is a top blockchain and cryptocurrency conference, featuring two stages and fireside chats with some of the most accomplished industry leaders and speakers. Cryptosumer will sponsor the event, alongside numerous crypto and blockchain companies and publications like CoinList CoinTelegraph and, as well as top mainstream companies like American Airlines and Huffington Post.

The expo will take place between October 22-24, 2018, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Among the event speakers are Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak; Tim Draper, the founder of DFJ Venture Capital; and Crystal Rose, founder of Sense Token. In addition, 200 industry leaders are expected to speak at the conference on a variety of topics, in front of an expected audience of 6,000 attendees.

Opening remarks will be given by Josef Holm, the Co-Founder and CEO of the Crypto Invest Summit, and Alon Goren, Co-Founder of Wavemaker Genesis. The keynote speech remains a surprise, but Steve Wozniak will speak on the past, present and future of blockchain and crypto.

After these initial speeches, there will be breakout sessions on security tokens, including investment advice, marketing tips and a regulatory overview. Other sessions will follow on a variety of topics and levels of expertise, both on existing tokens, and on ICOs. Other topics include centralized vs. decentralized exchanges, crypto investment funds, AI and other innovations.

Tim Draper will host a fireside chat, while CNBC’s Ran Neu-Ner will be on site for a live taping of the Crypto Trader Show. As a bonus, he will also give away 1,000 signed copies of his book, How to be the Startup Hero. When it comes to government regulation, Draper believes that “currencies should just be running free and we will end up with a much more wealthy society.” Draper wants people to think big, and provides a number of tools in his book to help readers achieve their goals.

Prior to the last summit, founder Josef Holm expressed his desire to bring some of the brightest minds in the field together at a single event. His goal was to immerse over 4,500 crypto-enthusiasts in a multi-day event filled with education and interaction with experts and other enthusiasts while putting ICOs and other opportunities in front of an engaged audience to pitch their wares. At the last summit, in May 2018, entrepreneurs raised over $124 million. This was an excellent opportunity for investors, as well as project creators and if the October summit is anything like the previous event, then at minimum, we can expect an equal level of quality investment opportunities.

Besides investment pitches and access to educational content provided by blockchain and digital currency experts, the LA summit will be an excellent networking event. This begins with the Kick Off Party and continues through the Expo Floor Networking Party and other opportunities to meet potential business associates. Attendees who have the gift for gab will no doubt find this aspect of the event beneficial.

The entire Cryptosumer team is excited and honored to be an event sponsor. We’re looking forward to the October Crypto Invest Summit. We highly recommend this event, so if you can get to LA, we’d encourage you to attend and say hi to the Cryptosumer team.