Initial Coin Offerings still remain very popular and more projects are hitting the market. As the cryptocurrency community keeps growing and expanding, a number of countries look to be loosening once-tight restrictions and appear to be more comfortable with virtual currency trading and ICOs.

Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is set to introduce new licensing rules on July 16th that will permit ICOs to operate inside of a regulated environment. Companies will be able to file an application with the SEC and then be able to conduct business if approved.

The announcement comes after many months of hearings and legislative debates about ICOs and cryptocurrency. SEC Secretary-General Rapee Sucharitakul says the agency welcomes requests from ICOs and wants companies to speak with the SEC to make sure application requirements are met.

Regulators in South Korea also seem to be changing their minds about cryptocurrency. The nation’s Financial Services Commissions (FSC) has revised guidelines related to virtual currency exchange operators. Authorities are trying to get the country in line with policies other G20 nations have.

A lawmaker in the country also said legislators are trying to craft a bill to remove the current ban on ICOs. South Korea’s Ministry of Strategy and Finance is said to be in talks with the National Tax Agency to figure out how to tax virtual currencies.

A growing number leaders in government and in business are noticing continued interest in ICOs and cryptocurrencies. A large number of legitimate ICOs continue to hit the market on a regular basis as more and more people are turning to blockchain technology in order to make a positive impact in various industries.

However, it is important to remember that we are not financial advisors. All we are doing is just presenting information about different ICOs that can be found by researching on the internet. Please speak with an experienced and professional financial advisor if you are interested in investing in cryptocurrency or an ICO.

This week we’re going into depth on City Token (CITY), CZero Mobility (CZMT), and Yumerium (YUM). City Token is looking to create a project mediation service for smart technology so governments and private industry can take advantage of technology like robots, blockchain or the Internet of Things (IoT) for various projects. CZero Mobility is fostering the mass adoption of electric cars through blockchain and IoT by rewarding people for using things like charging stations and Lithium Ion batteries. Yumerium focuses on rewarding gamers through their blockchain platform by promoting a market of second hand and limited edition games.

We looked at a variety of components for each project, like the whitepaper and team members so we can understand growth potential and future prospects for the company. Signing up for a Cryptosumer membership gives insight into the below ICOs and why the warrant further investigation.

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