ICOs continue to be a popular way to fund different projects, and a couple of countries have made headlines after releasing clarifying information about cryptocurrency regulation and ICOs. Authorities in Thailand announced the approval of stipulations governing digital currency and ICOs last week. Companies issuing tokens for an ICO must detail all investment information and continue to monitor each offering for at least a year. The announcement by the nation’s Securities and Exchange Commission is expected to come into force later in June.

Lithuania’s Finance Ministry also published ICO guidelines last week. Officials said the regulations were intended to help turn the Baltic nation into a global hub for ICO projects that are conducted in a “transparent and orderly legal process.” According to the document, ICO funds are subject to a variety of taxes and can qualify as a security depending on how they are described. The country’s Finance Ministry said ICO-related projects raised more than $470 million dollars in 2017.

ICOs have attracted the attention of large investors, companies, and government officials because they represent work by a team of people who are looking to revolutionize a specific industry. The vast majority of projects are legitimate offerings with a solid foundation. We’ve been keeping a close eye on a some upcoming ICOs that look interesting and seem to have solid growth prospects and potential.

However, it’s important to remember that we are not financial advisors. All we are doing is just presenting information about different ICOs that can be found by researching on the internet. Please speak with an experienced and professional financial advisor if you are interested in investing in cryptocurrency or an ICO.

This week we’re going into depth on Noiz (NOIZ), NYNJACoin (NYN), and REGO Token (REGO). We looked at different elements for each project, like the whitepaper and team members, to understand the growth potential and future prospects for the company and idea. Signing up for a Cryptosumer membership gives insight into the below ICOs and why the warrant further investigation.

Noiz intends to build a decentralized advertisement network where users can take advantage of AI and blockchain to directly interact with advertisements. NYNJACoin is looking to create the first global communications platform on blockchain technology, and emphasize the exchange of freelance services and virtual goods. The REGO team hopes to power and create the world’s first blockchain real estate platform and make it easy for international buyers to invest in property.

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