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The common mantra among investors is, “Buy the rumor, sell the news.” Vertcoin (VTC) currently trades at $1.65 and has been on a downward trend since peaking at just under $3.00 in late April. On June 4th, the Vertcoin development team has released a monthly update detailing the status of several projects that appear to be close to completion. If we assume that these projects are the biggest developments for VTC in the near future, then this would be the “rumor” period, and news will come out soon. The question is how much of an impact each project will have on the public’s perception of Vertcoin and its future growth. With this knowledge, you can make your own decisions on whether or not to invest now, in anticipation of developments down the road.

The LitBox LIT Wallet is a multicurrency wallet that operates on Lightning Network to increase the adoption and use of cryptocurrencies by average users. The Vertcoin developers claim that it is the only solution that “allows users to own their own funds on lightning without a 3rd party.” If this is true, then it would serve as a model for other wallets to replicate, as a proof of concept on the future of finance using digital currencies. A live demo version of the wallet is available online here.

The Vertcoin core wallet has been updated with the latest Bitcoin core builds. In version 0.13.2 of the wallet, the previous version that fixes issues with new installs being unable to locate peers has been merged with additional bug fixes, as well as an upgrade of OpenSSL from 1.0.1 to 1.1.0. The latest version of OpenSSL includes bug fixes that prevent crashes and memory issues, and improvements for 64-bit systems.

Two of the Vertcoin developers also work at MIT’s DCI (Digital Currency Initiative). The purpose of this project is to utilize blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for the public good, in a global economy. Featured DCI projects include digital fiat currency, lightning network, supply chain records, decentralized energy grids and a blockchain toolkit for the decentralized web. This gives the team direct knowledge of the latest technology coming out of the group, which may possibly be translated into improvements for Vertcoin. According to the developers, Lightning Network isn’t quite ready for everyday use, due to a breakdown in stability at around 50-300 consecutive pushes, though it is currently capable of 10,000 consecutive pull requests.

Gert-Japp, a developer at MIT DCI has been working on a new technology called “Discreet Log Contracts.” DLC lets users run smart contracts on Bitcoin and compatible blockchains, using external information provided by “oracles.” The first application of DLC would be a Bitcoin-denominated US dollar forward contract. In other words, it would replace the need for stablecoins like Tether and TrueUSD.

Other Vertcoin updates include a “one-click miner” that facilitates VTC mining for anyone who owns a GPU, expansion of marketing initiatives and increased adoption by merchants, including integration with a Shopify plugin.

As most of these updates are not fully completed and released, they belong in the category of “rumor,” even though they are planned and shared transparently by the Vertcoin development team. You’ll need to decide for yourself when these rumors become “news” and whether now is a good time to invest in this altcoin, or to put your resources elsewhere.