Despite worries about potential government regulations and fluctuating market conditions, ICOs continue to thrive and flourish. Many offerings have become widely successful by raising tens, or even hundreds of millions of dollars. Before cancelling their public sale, Telegram was able to fundraise about $1.7 billion dollars via a private sale. Other companies like Dragon Coins, Hdac, and Filecoin were able to raise $250 million+ through their respective Initial Coin Offerings.

Officials at Sberbank CIB and Russia’s National Settlement Depository recently announced plans to carry out an initial digital asset transaction by summer’s end. They are testing out a platform that has been launched by the Bank of Russia to help make ICOs more secure for interested investors.

Officials said a company called ‘Level One’ will eventually create an ICO for the platform and Sberbank and the National Settlement Depository will help safeguard assets and keep things secure. Hopes are the project will help spurn on the trade and circulation of digital assets across the market.

As enthusiasm and interest towards ICOs (by private investors and government officials) continues, more and more offerings are launched each week. We’ve been keeping a close eye on a some upcoming ICOs that look interesting and seem to have solid growth prospects and potential.

However, it’s important to remember that we are not financial advisors. All we are doing is just presenting information about ICOs that can be found on the internet through a variety of resources. Please talk with an experienced and professional financial advisor if you are interested in investing into cryptocurrency or an ICO.

This week we’re going into depth on Bigbom Eco (BBO), Cherr.Io (CHR), and Nuggets (NUG). We looked at different elements for each project, like the whitepaper and team members, to understand the growth potential and future prospects for the company and idea. Signing up for a Cryptosumer membership gives insight into the below ICOs and why the warrant further investigation.

Bigbom is a platform that will help customers in the advertising industry save money and perform transactions securely through a smart-contract system. is a global charitable donations system that helps cut down on fraud and waste and incentivizes donations through a gamification process. Nuggets makes biometrics simple to help consumers pay, share information, or verify and identity without the risk of stealing personal data.

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