ICOs still remain a popular way to raise money for different blockchain and cryptocurrency-related projects even though the total amount of money raised has fallen each month in 2018.


Several big companies have dominated news headlines after announcing they were looking to fundraise through an ICO. Team members behind KodakCoin and the associated KODAKOne image rights management platform said they are planning to kick off their ICO on May 21st. CEO Jan Denecke said the company would comply with SEC regulations and has properly structured the token sale despite questions about if the actual coin is a security or not.

The token will be set at $1 for the initial funding round and will be distributed under SAFT contracts. KODAKOne is looking to give photographers a way to track and license their work while ensuring that other people follow copyright laws and proper usage rights.

Even though more government authorities have taken an interest in ICOs and cryptocurrency, many of them still wish to ensure that the industry can still flourish and operate under regulations. SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce said at a conference in early May how she did not believe ‘sandboxes’ were necessarily a good regulatory strategy because the “regulator is typically sitting there next to the entrepreneurs.”

However, she believes any sort of blanket categorization of ICOs is not necessarily good, and instead calls for an investigation into the facts surrounding each offering because the ICO ecosystem is still relatively underdeveloped. Pierce mentioned how placing tokens as securities could hamper innovation in the blockchain world and also cautioned that the SEC should not lead “with its enforcement powers.” She suggested the agency could set up a website to answer questions about blockchain and digital currencies.

A sense of cautious optimism from regulators in the United States, coupled with hints that South Korean regulators would have a more positive outlook on ICOs, has kept the ICO market strong as more and more companies look to jump in.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on a some upcoming ICOs that look interesting and seem to have good potential and growth prospects. However, it’s important to remember that we are not financial advisors. All we are doing is just presenting information about ICOs that can be found on the internet through a variety of resources. Please talk with an experienced and professional financial advisor if you are interested in investing into cryptocurrency or an ICO.

This week we’re going into depth on Blockshipping (CCC), Productivist (PROD), and Zeew (ZEEW). We looked at several components of each project, like the whitepaper and team member background to understand the underlying value for each project, and the growth potential. Signing up for a Cryptosumer membership gives insight into the below ICOs and why the warrant further investigation.

Blockshipping intends to create the world’s first shipping container platform using blockchain technology. Productivist looks to help manage the manufacturing chain of command through an open ecosystem, and Zeew is being created to speed up the rate of package deliveries.

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