The first couple of months in 2018 has seen a lot of the same patterns in the ICO world. Lots of big and bold offerings, a slow push to crack down on fraudulent or fake offerings, and the continued presence of ICO scams that have swindled investors out of their money. The team at ServerCube recently announced plans to create the biggest decentralized virtual currency mining computer network, all through an upcoming ICO offering designed to raise funds for the ServerCube platform. Aside from promoting cryptocurrency mining, the offering also looks to raise money to promote the use of AI, VR, and climate modeling technology by giving a ready-made platform for interested entities to use.

Seemingly following in the footsteps of Facebook, who banned ads about cryptocurrency and ICOs back in January, Twitter has made an effort to slowly tighten up their policies about virtual currency. Users of the social media platform have noticed how the company is starting to ban some users who are blatantly advertising fraudulent ICOs or scams relating to cryptocurrency.

However, Twitter has no concrete policy concerning advertisements relating to the digital currency ecosystem, so their current endeavors were best described as ‘baby steps’ by TechCrunch on March 8th. Twitter’s actions follow the trend of social media platforms wading into the virtual currency world in light of several high-profile scandals and scams. News broke just a couple of days ago about how thieves made off with over $2 million dollars in cryptocurrency after running a fake ICO. The purported ‘Giza’ ICO project was able to lure investors after the scammers created a false online persona using a fraudulent LinkedIn profile and photos from different Instagram users.

Over 1,000 investors were refunded this week after the team behind the V Diamond ICO decided not to go through with their fundraising plans. Token holders were buying into the chance to have an extravagant 18-course dinner in Singapore, followed by a personal fireworks show and the presentation of a diamond ring. Those involved with the ICO now plan to just sell the opportunity for the $2-million-dollar sticker price and did not say why the ICO was canceled.

Optimism about the cryptocurrency and ICO market still remains high due to the vast amount of legitimate offerings that are hitting the market. Even though scams always seem to dominate the headlines, there are many ICOs being unveiled that give investors the opportunity to help fund world-changing projects and ideas.

We have been watching a few ICOs that seem to have some interesting ideas and are also coming out this week. All we are doing is just presenting online information from a variety of different resources. We are not financial advisors. Please talk with an experienced and professional financial advisor before spending money investing in an ICO or in cryptocurrency.

This week we’re going into depth on Gizer (GCR), World WiFi (WT), and Vanywhere (VANY). Gizer is looking to connect the global gaming network onto a platform where tournaments, connections, and teams can be easily created. The team behind World WiFi is looking to create a worldwide decentralized free internet network that incentivizes router owners through opportunities to receive virtual currency. Vanywhere is creating an ecosystem where people can offer up their services in a marketplace and connect with others who are looking to hire for different gig opportunities.

We dug deep into each of these projects, and here’s what you need to know about the underlying value of each and why they might be worth investigating.

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