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It’s been a rough week in crypto, but those of us who either HODL’d or bought the dip saw some nice returns. Bitcoin is back up at over $8,500 this morning after bottoming out at $6,000, possibly due to the good news that came out of the Senate hearing yesterday. As we have come to learn, when Bitcoin makes big moves, it sends ripples through the entire altcoin market. This time, it’s for the better, as several alternative cryptocurrencies have rebounded nicely after hitting bottom.


ICX hit bottom at 3,799 Satoshis, then rebounded nicely to 5,455 Satoshis for a 43% gain against BTC at the time this article was written. When traded against the dollar, the numbers look even better, bouncing back from a low of $2.47 to a high of $4.52 according to CoinMarketCap. ICON is a project designed to “hyperconnect the world.” Their white paper, written in both English and Korean, states that the majority of blockchain projects focus on decentralization, without putting enough thought into real-world adoption. They hope to bridge this gap with use cases that bring value to institutions.


NEO bottomed out at 10,592 Satoshis, and broke out nicely, currently at 13,760 Satoshis for a gain of 30%. Traded against the USD, it hit a bottom of $66.80 then bounced back to a staggering $115.54 for a 73% gain according to CoinMarketCap. The NEO platform is gaining adoption by tokens such as PKO, adding to its credibility as a formidable competitor to Ethereum.


BNB, the coin created by the Binance exchange saw a nice bounce back from 9,000 Satoshis to 10,820 Satoshis for a gain of over 20%. Traded against the dollar, it rose back up from $6.59 to $8.88 for a 35% gain according to CoinMarketCap. It’s an ERC-20 token that arguably doesn’t have much of a purpose other than to help pay expenses on the Binance trading platform, but people see value in it, and Binance is going strong. Be sure to check out the news on the latest Binance giveaway.


WTC saw a nice bounce back from 22,442 Satoshis to 29,234 Satoshis this morning. Traded against the dollar, it went from $16.06 back up to $24.07 for a 50% gain. The company behind the Walton coin recently agreed to invest in the Coinnest exchange in Korea. Coinnest is among the largest Korean exchanges, with 500,000 members and counting.


The name of this coin always puts a smile on my face. FunFair saw a nice bounce back from 500 Satoshis to 782 Satoshis this morning. It’s a steal in USD, bouncing back from 3.8 cents to 6.4 cents according to CoinMarketCap. FunFair is utilizing blockchain technology to disrupt the online casino industry.


CTR bounced back from 7,907 Satoshis to 12,513 Satoshis for a whopping 58% gain. In USD this was a move from 56 cents to $1.05 according to CoinMarketCap. Centra offers a wallet application and a prepaid card that integrates a number of popular cryptocurrencies into a single card that may be used for transactions at millions of locations.


Litecoin has been flying under the radar lately. It bottomed out last week, at 13,247 Satoshis before climbing back up to 18,400 Satoshis and holding strong for several days. In USD, that’s a move from $109.23 to $152.89 for a 40% gain if you were lucky enough to buy the dip, according to CoinMarketCap. It remains to be seen whether Litecoin will find its way back up over $300, but the outlook is good.

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