There’s been some big news in the ICO world recently. Kodak said just a day ago they are putting their ICO on hold to make sure those who applied to invest are accredited. The tokens in Kodak’s ICO are being offered as an ‘exempt offerings,’ meaning that investors must meet certain conditions like having a net worth in excess of $1 million, or yearly income of $200,000 or more.

Other companies are seemingly looking to cash in with an ICO. Alternative social media site Gab looks to be ready to raise about $10 million through an ICO, according to released SEC filings. There’s been talk that Dell should switch their potential IPO to an ICO in order to jump into an untapped market and stay competitive with Apple through disruptive technology.

News also emerged in late January about SEC action against an alleged fake ICO that tried to lure investors to put their money behind the globe’s first decentralized bank. The SEC said the team behind AriseCoin was able to raise $600 million through a variety of endorsement tactics with social media.

Despite steps by the SEC to crack down on fake ICOs, (or in the case of Facebook, a crackdown on ICO advertising), more and more companies seem to be adding an ICO into their future plans. This has led to a lot of optimism in the ICO market as a whole, along with an ever-growing number of legitimate ICOs that have potential to change the world.

We’ve been watching a few ICOs coming out this week that seem to have some interesting ideas. All we are doing is just presenting online information from a variety of different resources. We are not financial advisors. Please talk with an experienced and professional financial advisor before spending money investing in an ICO or in cryptocurrency.

This week we’re going into depth on BABB (BAX), Datawallet (DXT), and Fintrux (FTX). Take a look at our research into each of these projects, and decide for yourself whether they’re worth getting into.

BABB stylizes themselves as a decentralized banking platform that will help millions across the world improve their financial situation through the ability to open a bank account and create new financial opportunities. Datawallet intends to give consumers the power to exchange and share their online data fairly. Many data brokerage companies surreptitiously collect user data and then sell it. Datawallet instead rewards users who would like to share their personal data with social media platforms, e-commerce companies, and search engines. Fintrux aims to shake up the P2P lending market by making it easier for borrowers and lenders to carry out transactions with the power of blockchain and smart contracts. Want to know more? Keep reading.

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