Social media and cryptocurrencies have dominated headlines in 2017. The price of virtual currencies like Bitcoin skyrocketed over the past year, introducing thousands of people to the emerging world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Social media also saw major growth in 2017 as companies like Facebook delved into video and spent billions of dollars on advertisements.

The team behind MimiCoin wants to combine these two powerful forces and unleash what will be the world’s first social cryptocurrency. They believe blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the future of humankind, but that both of these concepts are nothing without people behind the scenes working in the space.

Fusing social media and cryptocurrency might sound a bit crazy, but MimiCoin has a plan. They want to make concepts like blockchain more popular to younger demographics through MimiCoin and the associated Mimic app, which encourages people to show off their achievements and to then challenge others to copy their actions. The whole platform is designed to get people to do fun things and mimic what others are doing.

Cryptosumer was curious about MimiCoin and their social media-fueled platform, so we sat down for an exclusive interview with CEO Dario Trbovic. During the interview, Trbovic dove deep into the motivations, goals, and plans for MimiCoin and the associated app, and provided insight into the vision for the team as they bring the project to fruition.

Watch the first part of the video below to learn about how Trbovic and his team hope to start a movement of influencers and leaders through MimiCoin.

In the first half of the video, we touched on the basics of Dario’s vision for MimiCoin and the Mimic network. Get our analysis and watch the second half of the video below to get the inside scoop on the details of their product roadmap.

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