I had the pleasure of speaking with Nando Theessen from Fynance, a very interesting ICO currently in the pre-sale stage. We included Fynance in a recent ICO roundup on Cryptosumer, but wanted more information. In this exclusive interview, Nando went into great detail on the company, including its leadership team, the business model and its underlying blockchain technology. He has been crypto mining for nearly two years, and brought this experience with him when he joined the ranks of Fynance.

Fynance is an active digital insurance brokerage that has been in business since 2016, and it only took them one year to become cashflow positive. Fynance is looking to completely disrupt the insurance industry with smart contracts an app and other benefits for its customers, and backers.

Fynance ICO Exclusive Interview, Part 1 of 2

Fynance is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum platform, to take advantage of smart contracts. Nando states that Fynance is a unique product, with no known competition in the ICO space. Currently, they target insurance brokers who are looking for an early exit. The brokers hand over their contracts and Fynance handles everything from documentation to processing claims and issuing payments, facilitated by the blockchain. Is this ICO worth getting into? What's the differentiator that makes this ICO stand out from the 1000's of others to choose from? How long has this company been around? Keep reading and watch Part 2 of this interview, below, to find out.

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