What does slavery and human trafficking have to do with cryptocurrency? Is it a cause, or a solution?

It’s a New Year and a lot of eyes in the cryptocurrency world are looking towards 2018 based on how well the market has performed over the last several months. It’s clear that virtual currency prices have been booming in 2017, but there are many opportunities for people to utilize blockchain technology beyond its currency use-case.

In the midst of rising virtual currency prices, developer conferences all throughout the year had thousands of people working on the next generation of crypto and other blockchain projects.

All of this new development makes it exciting to see which cryptocurrencies will surge to the top in 2018, and which ICOs might be the basis for some world-changing projects.

Some see a great opportunity for platforms like Ethereum that use smart contracts because they can power a variety of applications. Others are just simply excited about the almost never-ending list of ICOs and other cryptocurrencies that continue to come out since each of them represents something new.

There’s been a lot of buzz lately surrounding programmer and businessman John McAfee due to his Coin of the Day picks on Twitter, which soon switched to a coin of the week. McAfee’s never been shy about his cryptocurrency predictions, having Tweeted in late November that he thought Bitcoin would reach US$ 1 million by the end of 2020.

McAfee’s Twitter picks have not been without controversy though, with some speculating the choices are fueling alleged pump and dump schemes. The entrepreneur says that his Twitter account was also recently hacked, sending out a flurry of fake coin picks that were soon deleted once McAfee regained control of the account.

But even with all of the recent cryptocurrency and ICO controversies hitting the news, there’s optimism among experts and financial analysts that there are still excellent ICOs to look into. We’ve been watching a few coming out this week that seem to have some intriguing aspects to their business use-cases and underlying technology. We’re not financial advisors, and all that we’re doing is presenting information from various online resources. If you’re serious about investing in an ICO or the cryptocurrency world as a whole, speak with a qualified financial advisor.

This week we’re going into depth on LaLa World (LALA), BeefCoin (BEEF) and ZeroSum (ZFX). Here’s what you need to know about the underlying value of each, and what makes them so exciting. We'll even show you how some of them might help to solve real-world problems like cross-border payments, slavery and human trafficking. Keep reading.

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