If you’ve been around for a while, then you’ve no doubt heard the term, HODL. What started as a drunken typo, has become an acronym for “Hold on for Dear Life”. Indeed, John McAfee listed TRON (TRX) as his “coin of the day” and if ever there was a time to use the term, HODL, this was it.

Some crypto-traders use bots to scan Twitter for informative tweets from McAfee and others before making purchases from pre-determined exchanges. It is entirely possible that this one tweet created a surge in the coin’s price, while investors who aren’t active on social media were left confused over the last few days. The price of TRON was $0.03 before the tweet and surged to $0.045 moments later.

Good research is paramount when deciding which tokens will produce the best return on investment. For instance, Ripple (XRP) was trading at $0.01 in March 2017 but towards the end of December 2017 it was trading at $1.2; anyone who trusted their instincts in March and invested is reaping a 100% ROI. Once you have done your research, influencers who hold the same opinion as you will tell you to Hold On for Dear Life, as McAfee did this week.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint what TRX will trade for in the foreseeable future, consider that it has elbowed its way to the top 20 most valuable digital currencies by market cap, despite being relatively unknown. TRX has seen 500% growth in just one week, eclipsing well-known cryptocurrencies like Zcash and others.

TRON’s rise in value is a case study in how volatile the market can be, after just a few tweets. That said, experts suggest that TRON’s value includes its expected partnership with Alibaba, China’s global e-commerce giant.

TRONIX is set to revolutionize the way In-APP purchases are made, while it aims to be a content provider and P2P facilitator. The leadership team behind it is ambitious, with plans that include an ICO platform.

Justin Sun, TRON’s founder has many projects lined up, and he believes that TRON is on the way to the moon. TRX has found its way into multiple exchanges and is now available on Binance and Piewo, a Chinese App that has been testing TRX tokens since September.

Should you buy TRON? We can’t tell you that, but if you already own it, then McAfee has already given his advice. The price of TRON was trading at 2 cents and doubled its value in just 48 hours. McAfee sees TRON as a long-term investment. If you missed the boat in the early days of Bitcoin, TRON may very well be a bargain at a few cents a pop.