Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, following strict regulations in states like New York that have high fees. It’s also insured by the FDIC for up to $250,000 per account. That makes it the springboard for any institution or investor seeking to invest in digital currency. It’s not surprising therefore that rumors about Coinbase adding Dash, Ripple and Stratis to their platform on January 8, 2018 are making the rounds. Such a move could mean significant increases in market cap for these cryptocurrencies, and there’s even one more that might get added soon, perhaps in a few days.

The screenshot announcing this BIG news allegedly appeared on the Coinbase website for at least 10 minutes before it was pulled. There is divided opinion about the authenticity of the tweet with some people thinking it is genuine while others are treating it as a Christmas joke. With cryptocurrency like Ripple gaining so much traction, it would be interesting to see such a move’s impact on it and other digital currencies. Bitcoin took a nosedive after Bitcoin Cash was added to Coinbase and GDAX. Could the same happen again?

Coinbase has been growing by leaps and bounds, and such a move would solidify their position in the cryptocurrency marketplace, much in the same way that the NYSE and NASDAQ have held their positions as the largest exchanges in the world by market capitalization. Coinbase has frequent delays and outages, but claims to work around the clock to maintain their position as the exchange of choice, with new job listings posted on a regular basis as they expand their staff.

Anticipation is high that Coinbase will add coins to its platform in January. The news is so huge that it has given rise to speculation and much “fake news.” GDAX, the Coinbase real-time trading platform would also include these coins in their Digital Asset Framework if the rumors are true.

A few days ago Bitcoin Cash went live on Coinbase and GDAX and within a few minutes, the BCH prices had soared beyond all other exchanges. The price hit the high of $9,500 before halting amidst rumors that something could have gone wrong somewhere. Prior to the announcement that halted trading, the price continued to soar on other exchanges even as orders continued to flood the order book even after pausing settlements. As we revealed last week, rumors of the addition of BCH were circulating on Reddit several days before it came to fruition, adding to the controversy.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Leak SOURCE; Reddit

While this rumor remains unconfirmed, there’s another rumor and coin, worth talking about in this article, and this one is big, and possibly happening sooner than those mentioned above.

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